Fandango web design on desktop and iPhone
description is one of the major movie ticket sale sites, providing trailers, movie clips, movie news and original content. As someone who often buys movie tickets, I saw room for improvement on Fandango's site (they have since redesigned) and took it upon myself to redesign a version of my own. What stood out most in the former site was the lack of focus on the users' main purpose: efficiently buying movie tickets. In my redesign, I chose to improve the flow beginning with the homepage and continuing through the ticket purchasing process.

skills & tech

Information Architecture, Axure, Mobile

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Simplified Navigation

I restructured the site architecture, taking into consideration that most users enter the purchase process by searching either for movies or theaters they want to go to. I eliminated duplicate categories and reduced the amount of options in the main menu, opting to place subcategories in the secondary navigation.


Before starting to design, I used the 6-up method to explore different layout options for the homepage. There were a few leading concepts, but ultimately I decided that the page should open with an engaging visual component, followed by additional discovery options and subcategories.

Hand holding iPhone with fandango movie page open
Mobile Version

The service offered by is highly valuable to users on the go, which is why I chose to design the mobile version, as well. Given the context of use, I focused on providing personalized suggestions to users based on their location and show times.

Site with open search bar
Suggestive Search

In order to make the site more usable I provided an auto-suggest feature in the search field. The icons differentiate between different types of results: movies, theaters, actors, etc.

Movie page in iPhone and desktop
Simplifyied Buying Process

In the existing site, the process of buying tickets was unnecessarily complex and required multiple steps. As such, I simplified the purchase to one single step on the movie page.

What I learned from this project

Experimenting with an existing website gave me a great opportunity to consider the challenges of an actual product with real users, goals, and constraints. I focused on the different uses and needs for each platform, desktop and mobile.

I was pleased to see that shortly after finishing my redesign, Fandango released a new version of the site that is quite similar to my concept.

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