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iPad on table with food app recipe page open

While working as an assistant manager of the Israeli Food Channel, I was given the challenge of creating the channel’s first iPad app. The goal was to provide accessible and simple cooking guides using footage from the channel's leading shows. I took part in conceptualizing the app and oversaw the design and development process.

skills & tech

Axure, User Research, Personas, User Testing

Food Channel app hompage on iPad and iPhone
Foodability and Desirability

When designing the homepage I took under consideration The iPad and iPhone different context of use. While in the iPad the food talks for itself with big mouthwatering images, in the iPhone version I went for a more scannable option offering a variety of recipes the user can filter through.

Search result wireframe on iPad mockup
Search Results

To create a simplified search process the results page contains different types of results separated by category: chefs, TV shows and recipes.

demo of recipe page
recipe page

To help the user choose the right recipe for him I concentrated all the recipe info (quick explanation, difficulty level, time, equipment needed etc.) on the recipe introduction page. In addition offering the user useful tools like creating a shopping list, adapting the recipe to any number of diners and unit conversion.

What I learned from this project

This project allowed me to interact with users understanding what their needs are when cooking and coming up with an app that completely matches their needs.

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