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My Tights displayed on desktop, iPad and iPhone

Redesigning a UK based tights website, allowed me to get my hands dirty with responsive design utilizing e-commerce best practices. I did extensive research on trends in e-commerce UX and got inspired by some of the best ones out there (This is one of my favorites).

skills & tech

Information Architecture, Axure, Responsive Design

Purchase Oriented Homepage

Wanting to funnel the user straight into the purchase process I designed the homepage with appealing large product pictures and created a product driven navigation.


To create credibility I added the advantages of the company as well as the brands they work with.

Things You've Looked At

In order to create a personalized buying experience I added a "products you have looked at" bar to the footer allowing users to go back to products they were interested in.

Simplified navigation and filtering

In order to make the navigation more comprehensive I narrowed the menu categories to the different type of socks and leggings the company offers and reduced the endless list of filtering options, leaving only the most common.

Product page

The product page provides the visitor with all the information, assurances and motivation he needs to become a customer. However I avoided cluttering the page keeping the call to action clear at the top of the page in order to move the sale forward. In order to Dispel stress the copy is personal and with a sense of humor.

What I learned from this project

In 3 words: e-commerce best practices. I really enjoyed getting inspiration from great sites. I hope in the future I will get a chance to design something more innovative and avant-garde.

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